I’m Cristina, and over the past 20 years I’ve worked in very different fields; so different, in fact, that I can consider myself a Renaissance woman. I’ve  organized events, I’ve written books, I’ve delivered speeches, I’ve traveled and met people who have broadened my horizons, and social communications are no mystery to me.  Now it’s time to harness and share all this knowledge to help people and corporations move into new environments.
We are living in a time in which it’s easier than ever to connect with other people and undertake new projects, to pursue new paths and to seize new opportunities. Endless possibilities exist at a (well-addressed) click.

When we activate adequate resources and people, extraordinary things happen.



What we do


We help you with the storytelling, the design and exposition, so your presentations are as effective as they can be. More.

PR & Events

Interpersonal relationships are always a key to doing business and to finding the best solutions. Let the world meet you. More.

Communications & Marketing

In a digital and ultra-competitive world, image is everything. After all, we make human communications for human beings. More.

Training & Lecturing

 “Do it yourself”, but with a guide. Learning is a sort of consulting, in a personal way, according to your needs. More.



In some ways, we are what we show in each of the spaces we occupy, no matter if they are physical or digital. We need coherence between our personal and corporate brands; we need them to have a connecting thread that identifies us and that makes our users and clients know what they can expect from us and give us their trust.



In a digital world there are no borders. There’s no “here” or “there”. There’s only a now. It’s vital to learn how to deal with these new coordinates and integrate other cultures and working methods. Whether you want to reach other markets or you need to set up in Spain, our network can help.



Our knowledge of the market and the digital environment allows us to have a global vision. Our extensive experience allows us to know the needs of your clients and leads. Let us refocus your business so that you can focus on your clients.



User oriented

Everything is changing. Users are too. The time when users were a mere receptor have gone and now they are an active part of the business, with a lot of power in its development. We can help you think like a customer, so you don’t miss any details on the way.

Sampling of projects



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